Phoenix Ribereno

Phoenix Ribereno lives up to the promise of it's name. Eleven, beautifully designed and elegant buildings, each seven storeys high, will be laced around playgrounds, walkways and green spaces. But most importantly, the project overlooks the beautiful Nira river, open to cooling river breezes all year round. Lying right alongside the Pune-Bangalore highway there is the added advantage of easy access.

At Phoenix Ribereno, you'll discover 1 and 2 BHK apartments are a class above and truly exclusive. + they come at a great price + they're a great investment. + it doesn't just have the natural advantages of situation, like a river view and easy access to the highway, but also beauty, care and quality inbuilt into everything, from every brick to every fitting.

Much attention given to well-designed and well ventilated apartments, and to landscaping and common leisure amenities. From classy finishes in construction to unusual options for relaxation, the list is endless.

As you would imagine, this is no ordinary project. Everything has been planned with an eye to detail. Luxuries have been built into every apartment + quality is visible in all specifications and every part of the construction and design.

Whether you are already a resident of Shirwal, or looking for a sound investment, this is an opportunity you can hardly afford to miss. Excitement is in the air and with the expected boom, the value of real estate is the first thing that is bound to soar. And an exclusive property that offers specifications and amenities way superior to those known in the city, is more precious than you can imagine.

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